quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2009

Entrevista com o fotógrafo Guillermo Riveros

Nascido em Bogotá, o fotógrafo Guillermo Riveros tem feito cada vez mais sucesso agora que mora em Nova York. Ele é o objeto de todo o seu trabalho, encarnando vários personagens. Gay assumido desde os 15 anos, ele acha o máximo que as pessoas se sintam inspiradas por suas imagens tanto para escrever poesias quanto para masturbação. Eu o entrevistei pro blog Oi Tudo em Cima. Lá está tudo traduzidinho, editado e cheio de links. Aqui está a versão original da conversa, perdoe qualquer deslize meu na língua inglesa.

When you decided to leave Colombia and go to New York?
I moved to New York in the summer of 2007.

And how did New York changed you and your work?
New York has been a great influence for me; on one hand its rhythm has definitely changed my creative process. This city is also extremely vibrant and filled with millions of different people that are very inspiring when creating characters. The availability of material has also influenced the way I work and the possibilities for creation. In Colombia things are harder to find and its complicated to go out on the street and shoot anywhere. Here in New York there are very few limits.

What others photographers you admire?
There are many artists I admire. Some photographers I can think of right now are Juergen Teller, Anthony Goicolea, Cindy Sherman, John Bidgood,Slava Mogutin, Nikki S. Lee and Claude Cahun. I love Bruce LaBruce's punk attitude, and his sense of humour, I think he is a unique mind, and the success of his images and movies come from being a very verbal and funny person. A sort of rebellious intellectual. He has influenced a lot of my ideas about pornography and art; he started a queer punk zine, called “J.D’s” in the late 80’s, that between queer music reviews and top hit lists, the lesbian Tom-of-Finland-inspired drawings of G.B Jones, LaBruce's stories, wanted to antagonize both the gay subcultures and the punk movement. He is one of the most significant and prolific queer artists of the past decades, he has been a huge influence for me since I started working with pornography and queer culture. I’ve been thinking lately about him and the motivations behind pornographic art and how this reflects in queer identities in the age of the internet. From home made porn to facebook profile pictures, flickr, myspace and other world wide web concessionaire/open diary type platforms, where a lot of queer identities are produced and reproduced constantly: the notions of self production, representation and - why not? - self "pornographication" become instantly noticeable and open up the arena for the discussion of bodies that are exposed and observed, in a virtual world where the boundaries of private and public are pretty much invisible.

And what about movies or books? What influences your work?
This is always a hard question. Above all I have to say that one of my favorite movies and books is "The Exorcist". Aside from that one, Its easier for me to think of directors I love, Pedro Almodovar, David Lynch and John Waters have been huge influences for me. Books, many, authors like Michel Foucault and Judith Butler. I'm currently reading Georges Bataille's “Visions of Excess” and Julia Kristeva's “The Powers of Horror”.

You're working on promoting new sets of smaller prints for more affordable prices, is that correct?
Yeah, thinking about the economic situation I want to make some smaller prints at affordable prices to make my work actually more approachable. I'm currently working all the specifics, if anybody is interested in getting more information join my mailing list by emailing mailinglist@guillermoriveros.com and check my website for updates soon!

Can't you say anything more than that?
Its Images from the series "Sigh Oh Nara!", a couple of them are alternative versions to the images you have seen on my website (just to spice it up a notch!) This will be editioned and signed packs of 5 4"x6" prints packed in handmade custom packaging...

Have you ever been to Brazil? What's your impressions of us?
I have never been to Brazil, but I'm dying to go there. There are so many Brazilian things I love: my friends, the music (I've been listening to the likes of Marisa Monte and Fernanda Abreu since I was a kid), off course the language (the music has always made me to want to learn Portuguese, which shouldn't be so hard considering how close it is to Spanish). I also love Brazilian food, I could eat muqueca and brigadeiro everyday!

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